Harmon welcomes Pau Solanilla as a Public Sector Partner.

Pau comes from the Barcelona City Council, where he has been the Commissioner for International Relations and City Promotion for the past three years.

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Our numbers for 2023.

The ones that matter.

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Harmon embraces branding and bets on (strategic) beauty to improve brands, with a commitment to foster critical thinking.

The new strategic branding service will be led by Dimas Gorostarzu, who brings over 30 years of experience in the world of design and brand consulting to Harmon.

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Harmon/org is born, the platform for the causes that move us

Ever since the conception of Harmon, we knew that the actions we took here had to leave the world better than we found it.

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Harmon launches a narrative service based on craftsmanship & a deep care for what makes us human

Some have called us crazy: that we insist on going against the tide. That the first jobs artificial intelligence will take from us will be those of the scribes. We are not worried about losing our uni

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Happy Europe Day!

Today, May 9th, is the anniversary of the historic “Schuman Declaration,” when he presented his idea of a new form of political cooperation in Europe that would make war between European nations unthi

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Hartmon´s “Twisting Every Idea” project is back

The Harmonite Manifesto inspires the second edition of this project, created to connect emergent art with public affairs. This time we will be joined by 18 artists stemming from the Belmonte, Pradiaut

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Harmon welcomes Alfredo Gazpio as Non-Market Partner

Gazpio comes to us from Danone, where he served as Director of Public Affairs. His responsibilities as Partner in Harmon will also include driving pro-bono projects that articulate the impact-oriented

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The Fishbowl

Because we do more than pass the time at Harmon.


Nuestra ventana a la agenda pública.
Donde viene a vernos gente importante.

Víctor Ausín Rodríguez – Director General de Política Económica del Ministerio de Economía, Comercio y Empresa

Raquel Yotti – Comisionada del PERTE para la Salud de Vanguardia

Hacia las elecciones europeas – ¿A ti qué te mUEve?

Antonio Garamendi – Presidente de CEOE

Javier Padilla – Secretario de Estado de Sanidad

David Jiménez-Blanco – Vicepresidente de BME y presidente de la Bolsa de Madrid

Sesiones enjambre

El alimento de nuestra Mente-Colmena

Sandra Herminia

Manuel Jabois

Carla Antonelli

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