Harmon embraces branding and bets on (strategic) beauty to improve brands, with a commitment to foster critical thinking.

The new strategic branding service will be led by Dimas Gorostarzu, who brings over 30 years of experience in the world of design and brand consulting to Harmon.

Muses and Graces, daughters of Zeus, you who one day at the wedding of Cadmus sang the beautiful song: «What is beautiful is loved; what is not beautiful is not loved». And it spread on divine lips. – Theognis, Elegies, I, vv. 17-18 (6th century B.C.)

Our approach to branding follows the Greek sense of beauty, which interprets order and harmony as that which sets a limit to the “yawning Chaos” from whose throat, according to Hesiod, the world emerged.

Shakespeare said we live in disjointed times. Our world, that yawning chaos, is a place where the ugly prevails and any neo-minimalist posturing is considered beautiful, reaching its peak in the decor of any LaLiga footballer’s mansion or in the sexy pose of a tanned influencer on a beach in Vietnam.

We don´t want to contribute to that.

We go into branding looking to delve into the guts of meaning and to reclaim beauty from a critical sense, surpassing the immediate “likes” to which a certain aesthetic ideology of the digital realities in which we (co)exist condemns us.

In this world of ugliness, we want to introduce beauty.

But not just any beauty. We are inspired by great industrial designers, like Raymond Loewy, who designed the interior of the Skylab platform. His main contribution was redesigning the porthole that allowed the crew to observe their earthly home and avoid the stress of space.

That’s why we say that our beauty will either be strategic, or it will not be.

Because our beauty, besides being convulsive, has to serve a purpose and be functional.

We will not prioritize aesthetics, but context. We will not prioritize the impeccable, but the functional.

Because our beauty may be a failure, but it will not be a spark. In other words, what we produce will not be an ephemeral beauty or a passing fashion. The beauty we produce will aim to make things last. That’s why, in addition to being the creators of the brand, we will be its guardians. Because it is as difficult to create something beautiful as it is to preserve it.

Because beauty tells stories. Like truth, it is a narrative event. Communication as a mere informational exchange means nothing. Beauty lies in the narrative links, in the meaning. That’s why our beauty will be intentional. That’s why our goal is for your brand to not only be beautiful, but to matter.

With our Director of Strategic Beauty, Dimas Gorostarzu, we launch this service to build, advise, and manage brands. Brands that work, brands that last, brands that matter.

As Benjamin said, the eternal, in any case, is more likely to be a ruffle on a dress than an idea.

Dare to be beautiful. Dare to be strategic. Dare to be eternal.

Dare to embrace the non-market.

About Dimas

With over 30 years´ experience in the world of design, Dimas has led teams at various national and international consultancy firms, such as Exclama or Design Bridge. He founded MesserFaden, Brandseed, and Neub, and his latest venture before joining Harmon was at Padre Group as Head of Global Brand Design. He specializes in brand creation and management, and has worked on comprehensive brand projects globally in Africa, America, Europe, and the Middle East, in addition to Spain. He holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca and is currently a professor and member of the Design Council at Francisco de Vitoria University.

Note: Nothing stated here adequately expresses the pleasure of experiencing Dimas’s mind and sensitivity up close.

Belleza Estratégica from Harmon on Vimeo.




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