Harmon welcomes Pau Solanilla as Public Sector Partner.

Pau comes from the Barcelona City Council, where he has been the Commissioner for International Relations and City Promotion for the past three years.

Madrid, July 8, 2024. Harmon, the first non-market consultancy in Spain, incorporates Pau Solanilla as Public Sector Partner to address the new societal model we live in, where administrations seek to interact and communicate more effectively with citizens.

Pau is a professional with over 30 years’ experience in the organizational, institutional, and business realms. Before his time at the Barcelona City Council, where he has served the past three years as part of the governmental team, he was responsible for global relations at Digital Future Society in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation; director of LLYC for Panama and Cuba; general director of the Magtel Group in Morocco and the MENA region; executive advisor at the State Secretariat for the EU in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Government of Spain, and technical advisor in the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.

An entrepreneur with a nomadic spirit, he has lived and worked in Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Casablanca, Seville, and Panama. He is the director of the Rafael Campalans Foundation, the Think Tank of the Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya, and founder and editor of the Think Net He holds a degree in Political Science from UNED and an MBA from the School of Business Administration (EAE).

At Harmon, he will adapt the firm’s service offerings to the new positioning and relationship needs of the public sector and institutions to develop a new advisory area, and he will strengthen the firm’s operations in Catalonia.

“Pau’s diverse professional experience in the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally, will allow us to better understand the needs of administrations and offer solutions that help them connect better with citizens,” explains Jaime Olmos, CEO of Harmon. “His incorporation reflects the maturity of our company. We will invest in consolidating a differential proposal for the public sector with the aim of improving their capacity for dialogue with a society and private sector that are increasingly demanding in this regard,” he assures.

“Working from the Barcelona City Council to improve the city’s global positioning has been, in addition to an honor, a daily learning exercise about the challenges of local governments and other administrations, and the need to relate to the private sector and society in a much more empathetic, bold, and creative way,” comments Solanilla. “Understanding the needs of different public and private actors and generating an honest and constructive dialogue with them is as exciting as it is complex. From Harmon, we will support this mission with humility, but also with enthusiasm to build new coherences that allow the public sector to innovate and be central in the design of public policies and initiatives that positively impact society.”

Society, Business, and Sustainability

Pau Solanilla is the author of several books that analyze public-private relations and the growth challenges of developed societies such as “Empresa responsable, empresa rentable” (1997); “Europa en tiempos de cólera” (2010); “La energía de lo pequeño: democracia, tecnología y territorio” (2012); “La República de la reputación; economía, poder y emociones” (2019); “Resilientes: liderazgo, seguridad y sostenibilidad en la era de la incertidumbre” (2020) and “La Republica verde”, Ed. Punto Rojo (2024).





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