non-market strategies
non-market strategies

Non-market components do not form part of the balance sheet but do affect the bottom line.

The non-market environment consists of all those areas within an organization that are not directly linked to the production, distribution and/or marketing of its goods or services, but rather to providing the best economic, social, regulatory, reputational, environmental, and even emotional conditions to improve overall performance and achieve business objectives.

A company’s value is not only determined by its profit margin.

Society calls for credible leadership, exemplary behavior, and companies committed to creating shared value. The public expects organizations to assume public responsibility and to take on a leading role as drivers of change.

We urgently need organizations to implement ethical and responsible management practices that go beyond pure aesthetics or poorly understood social marketing. We urgently need a consultancy that focuses on non-market strategies. Here we are. And we want to build these strategies with you.