No. We have nothing to do with Beth Harmon and The Queen’s Gambit – thanks, Netflix, for making SEO easier for us!

Nor are we a small-town orchestra or a ship. We are a diverse group of people who aim to offer solutions to different problems with fresh ideas and integrated strategies.

The history of the non-market concept is complex to understand, but we’ve made an attempt.

We have called this attempt Harmon, for the sake of harmony.

Are we

We don’t like the word ‘order’. We believe in harmony to navigate and interpret the noise and clutter around us, that crisis of confidence in the system. With one goal: to make the voice of organizations relevant in overcoming noise and indifference.

non-market strategies
non-market strategies

We are
non-market strategies.

We offer strategy-based solutions that do not form part of the balance sheet but do affect the bottom line. The public expects brands and organizations to take on a public role which goes beyond their core business activity, offering non-conventional responses to pressing issues and integrating these new expectations into their value propositions. We focus on seeking and finding these solutions: we are the first non-market consultancy firm in Spain.

We do not pretend
to be something we’re not.

What gets us out of bed every morning is making organizations more accountable, more credible, and better members of society. And we truly believe in that. We know that what we do changes who we are. We want to help organizations sharpen their purpose and make their contribution visible in an exciting and creative way. We want companies to walk the talk. Not to pretend to be something they’re not.

Our Purpose

We want to improve society by advising organizations on how they can use their corporate behavior and narrative to make a difference.

We want companies to walk the talk. Not just pretend to be doing so.

Our Moonshot

We want non-market strategies to be present in every corporate decision-making process.

We hope that some day Corporate Affairs will be a company’s most important department.


The way we are

These are our core values.
Everything we do starts here. Everything we are depends on what we do. 


We are bold and audacious.

We know that the trust placed in us depends on our ability to challenge common approaches and provide our perspectives.


Enthusiasm and passion are necessary ingredients for our work.

What we do does not make sense without them. We want to do a great job and have a good time getting the job done.


We approach each project with flexibility and humility.

We are aware that those who know the most about a topic may not always be at our table.


We create value through talent.

We have the best team and grow with it.


We believe in the power of relationships

Fostering networks and connecting people is part of our DNA. Great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.


We are fully committed to each project.

Rigor characterizes our work and is our best asset for referrals.


We believe in equal opportunities and in the power of community.

We know that achievements do not belong to an individual, but to the entire ecosystem, and that diversity multiplies our potential.


We have the ambition to be relevant.

And to have an impact on society, to contribute to making it better.

*Harmon has included this ambition, which goes beyond mere shareholder return, in its articles of association. Notably, Harmon will initiate the process to become a certified BCorp company, which rejects the primacy of the shareholder and embraces a triple impact economic model that complies with the highest social and environmental standards.

We partner in Public Affairs with B Lab Spain, founder of the B Corp movement in Spain. We work together to achieve visibility in Spain for the central role of purpose-driven companies in the equal, inclusive and sustainable transformation of our economy and call for the creation of a new legal body that protects and promotes these companies.

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