The Hive-Mind

Harmon sells impact, not hours. And impact can only be achieved through different and differential profiles.

There is no template. We are not looking for specific profiles, but for unique profiles that share the goals of our manifesto and add to our hive-mind.

If you believe this is your thing, introduce yourself, contact us, visit us.

The Prometheus programme

Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give it to humanity. Shared fire is learning, it’s our way of understanding the job, it’s our culture.

The Harmon talent pool is a corporate commitment. We want to recruit the best people and we want the best people to be part of our company.

That is why we invest in the future, through this first training programme for young professionals. It’s led by our Strategy partner, Eduardo Madina, and other experts from different fields, with activities both in and out of the office.

If you are a young person with an inquisitive mind, eager to learn more about the non-market and you’d like to train with the best, this is the programme for you.

The Prometheus programme

Harmon Alumni

If you were Harmon for a while, you are Harmon for life.

Our relationships are long term and, no matter how much time has gone by, we want everyone who was a part of Harmon at some point in time to continue to feel part of this culture.

Sign up to find out about activities, business opportunities, events, pro-bono projects and training, among many other things.

If you’ve been Harmon and you are not an alumnus yet… now you know what needs doing.

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