We are as obsessed with our culture as we are with our service. Because this culture is also part of the service.

We have crafted a manifesto. Because how we do things determines who we are.


We sell impact,
not hours

We don't believe in physical presence for the sake of it. We don't keep our chairs warm; we’d rather work standing up. Our worst nightmare: that the customer won’t remember us.


We challenge as a rule

We don't get carried away because our nature is inquisitive, bold. We challenge everything and everyone. Including the sector. But, mind you, as soon as we hit the nail on the head… we go all in.


We believe in creating

We twist every idea until we get its best possible version. Creativity is our differentiating trait, and that is why we nurture it and dedicate (a lot of) time and (a lot of) space to this stage.


We speak the truth, whether we like it or not

Brutal honesty, as musician and composer Calamaro used to say. We say what we think, we admit our mistakes. We are tough, but we are fair. It's the only way to build a dream team.


We are free to work where we want, how we want and when we want

Flexibility is the cornerstone of the project. We trust each other and we are tolerant up to a point: other people´s uncertainty.


We are our own bosses. Let’s not let ourselves down

Freedom is not an empty word. Neither is being self-demanding. It is a way of understanding work (and life). Everyone can accomplish whatever he or she sets out to do, because everyone is responsible for his or her own actions.


We do not take talent for granted

Seduction goes beyond the first "I do". Staying here has to be a choice, not an imposition. That's why we pay a lot of attention to keeping the flame alive with each and every member of the company.


This is an ego-free space

Having a big ego is an endemic evil in society in general and in this sector in particular. This is a collective project and successes and failures belong to the team. The road to excellence is closer every day but, at the same time, increasingly distant.


Harmon in not a good fit for everyone

There is no template, but not everyone belongs here. Only good people fit. And different and differential talent. But, above all, people who share our values, our culture, and our way of understanding the job.


The company's principles are and will always be more important than the business

We want to do things well. Business can’t be generated at any cost. We will not be seen making incitements and propaganda. But we do have one clear idea: our promise is untouchable.

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